Group Companies

Pehal Pharma and Chemicals India Ltd.

Pehal Pharma and Chemicals India Ltd., a parent company of Pehal Group of Companies was originally registered as Dongreen Resins & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Pehal Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

We focus on driving the healthcare agenda. The center of attraction of the team is to do proper R&D i.e. Research and development,

Pehal Entertainment

Entertainment is something that every human need in his life to stay happy. In short, it’s our basic need. Pehal, hence co-produced

Forever V Care

Business Operations


The R&D team at Pehal engaged in developing non-infringing processes attaining commercially viable price throughout the lifecycle of the product, infiltrating continuous process improvements.


We continuously work towards enhancing the affordability of medicines worldwide by investing in our manufacturing capital through facilities that are approved globally.


Pehal Quality as a center of excellence assures a culture of compliance and follows systematic interventions to consistently meet or exceed quality standards.