Multiple Online Medical Stores are mushrooming in India. Pehal has managed to stand out in the slot as the team has put their nose to the grindstone to become India's largest online Pharmaceutical Store. We ensure access to high quality and affordable medicines to support and cure the life of our Priceless Patients. Our sole motive is to provide the customers fruitful results by our medications. This entailed us as trusted Health Care by Professionals and Patients across geographies for the past 8 decades.

Why Choose us?

When you operate in an industry like Pharmaceuticals, your work is much more than just creating ‘products for customers’. The sector is completely different from others as there lies a higher sense of responsibility and a need for utmost integrity in everything you do. Various companies and brands in the market are mongering to make false promises and baseless guarantees. Whereas we have served millions of lives, and have provided high-quality standards and taken safety measures for our patients and consumers as they are on priority. Every life is exceptionally beautiful for us and every patient we touch is treated with respect and dignity. Our magic pills are available even online so that our customers don’t have to struggle for them by opting for the offline process.

Trailblazer attitude:

Our trailblazer attitude is what people invest in. We work from our fingers to the bone to revive lives. Our foundation is built upon three areas - INNOVATION, PERFORMANCE, TRUST


We put resources into scientific and specialized techniques to create and dispatch a pipeline of new items that address the issues of patients, payers, and customers.


We plan to accomplish industry-driving development by putting adequately in our business, building up our kin, and conveying immaculately.


We focus on offering the quality, wellbeing, and reliable supply of our products. We believe in building trust by fulfilling our commitments, evaluations, worldwide wellbeing, and by being a reformist employee.